Different, but together



The "For You" Foundation has been supporting the work of self-representatives for 15 years.

How Self-Representative Supports For You:

  • He asks for their opinion on all the decisions related to the social services they receive
  • Listen to what the self-representatives have to say
  • Facilitates meetings of self-representatives where they discuss things that are important to them
  • Support the self-representation movement so that the voice of people with intellectual disabilities is heard in Timişoara
  • Support their active participation in other self-representation movements, such as EPSA (European Platform of Self-Representatives)

Different, but together!" – The Group of The Self-Representatives from For You is made up of over 80 adults with intellectual disabilities from Timişoara, Romania.

The group is divided into 5 smaller groups of 15-20 people each. They meet once a month and discuss issues that are important to them: independent living, the right to make their own decisions, work, health, family, friends, relationships, active participation in the community.

The meetings are moderated by two support persons.

Once a year, the self-representatives participate in the national conference of self-representatives organised by the "For You" Foundation in Mamaia, for the last 7 years.

Occasionally, self-representatives participate in various national and international thematic events.

The group of self-representatives has a committee of 7 people with intellectual disabilities. They were also selected to participate in a training within the European project TOPSIDE – Training opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities in Europe. Through this project, they will develop the skills and qualifications necessary to take action.